Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Award

Original Trophy Design Sketch 1
We wanted a trophy that would represent Freestyle today. A typical stock trophy wouldn't do. We wanted to show the Freestyle Market that we cared enough about it to have something personally designed.
The La' logo might seem a bit bias, but it represents an organization that has been working endlessly to revitalize the Freestyle market.

Original Trophy Design Sketch 2
Coming up with a design, even one as simple as this took a lot of thought. Big shout out to our manufacturing designer Ardy. We wanted something that would give us the most quality for our money with plenty of room for up-grade. This design seemed to work. To those just looking at it for the first time, might not see the bigger picture, but the plan here is for this same exact trophy to be up-graded each and every year. We have already come up with 10 impressive up-grades that will have people desiring to win it at every awards ceremony.
From add-on images, twisted metals and technology that allows us to burn - color the steel, be prepared to see this simple award gradually transform into a beautiful art piece that will sit proudly in the homes of many of your favorite Freestyle Artist. Producers, etc...

Original Trophy 2008 Version
Simply beautiful. Polished stainless steel with a solid wooden base. The plate that will have the recipient's name engraved on it will be placed around the base, and all awards will come with it's own storage box available after the event.

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Wow! that thing is beautiful...