Monday, January 21, 2008

Get Your Tickets Now!!!

With ticket prices at just $35.00... You better hurry!

They said we were crazy, but actually keeping the price as reasonable as we can is probably one of the best ideas for this event. The Freestyle market didn't make it to where it's at just because of the artist. The fans had a lot to do with it, a whole lot, and to show our appreciation, we are keeping the price of these tickets very very low.

The front rows of course will be reserved for V.I.P., but if you get there early enough there is a chance that you might end up sitting behind your favorite Freestyle artist, producer or exec.

If this event is something you'll like to attend, my advise to you would be, "Get your tickets as soon as you read this", then book your hotel, then your flight if you are flying. Hey the worst case is, you can't make it, you'll be out of a measly $35.00

Click the "TicketMaster" logo above and secure your seat for this historical night in Miami.

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Anonymous said...

Got mine! Woo Hoo!!!