Sunday, January 20, 2008

Orchestra Miami goes Freestyle!

When was the last time you heard your favorite Freestyle songs composed, conducted and performed by a professional orchestra? Well when Freestyle Awards Producer Latif Mercado thought of putting together the first ever Freestyle Music Awards, he knew it had to be more than just different, it had to be spectacular. It had to represent Freestyle in a light unheard and unseen of ever before. After careful thought, Latif had an idea that he was sure would set this event apart from every other, and with the financial backing of Executive Producer Lily Bolden of Bolden Corporation and Miami's Power Promoter Ovidio Santiago, famous for his popular Miami concerts, Latif knew that his vision could easily become a reality.
When he contacted Lily and Ovidio about his idea, Lily simply said, "I'll call you back in a minute". An hour later she calls back and says, "Okay baby, we have the Miami Symphony Orchestra"!

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Anonymous said...

That shit is dope