Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Over the last few years, merchandising has become an important move for the Freestyle industry. Not only as a way for artist to generate extra revenue at their shows, but more importantly, as a tool to help preserve the name and likeness of the artist in the minds of their fans once the event is over.

Like all genres of music, true fans want to own a part of it. Whether it be a Tee Shirt, Cap, CD or just an autograph, memoribilia plays a major role in the whole Freestyle experience. For years, long lines have formed at the back of club and concert venues as fans waited patiently for the opportunity to get an autographed photo of their favorite Freestyle artist. While a few of our pioneers have been doing this for years, Freestyle merchandising has now become a huge necessasity for Freestyle's eco-system, and now artist and road managers can be seen lugging huge boxes of product around the country.

Years ago, promoters would negotiate a sort of licencing deal, that would allow them to manufacture and sell merchandise baring the name and image of the featured artist. Some promoters would do so without consent. Either way, artist would appreciate the fact that the promoter thought high enough about them to take that sort of risk that they would at times opt out of any monetary benefits to them.

Nowadays, merchandise has become the norm, and those not taking advantage of it are losing out on a great opportunity to promote themselves and get paid while doing so. Many venues, require that a small percentage, usually 20% of the proceeds be given back to the house, which is understandable. But as promoters see the long lines, they too want in on the action. For the Freestyle Music Awards, we are currently negotiating with the Miami-Dade Auditorium to reconsider their merchandise policy as much as they can, while we have already convinced the promoters to do the same.

We are encouraging all involved to bring along with them, their merchandise and make it available for sale at the awards. We are doing all we can to help accomodate what we hope to become Freestyle's Largest market place, and with the ticket prices at just $35.00, fans should have plenty of extra money to buy your product.


Funusual said...

So.. Who's Performing?
What are the Catagories?
Who selects the Winners?
Who are the event sponsors?

There is still so much, we the public needs to know before we dish out money for something like this. Not that we wouldnt, but just want details to make it all worth wild.

Anonymous said...

Do you carry the shirts in black and without the image of the falling dude.

Anonymous said...

Any word on waht exactly will be selling at the awards ceremony?

Anonymous said...

You really need to get better material for the shirts to sell at all and at the price you are asking for. The logo is plain. Sorry but as a fan I expect a lil more for what Im going to pay. Just as you would for someone or something you like.. Take it into consideration. Thanks a loyal fan.