Monday, February 4, 2008

A Freestyle Spectacular

After securing the Orchestra, another problem would arise. What in the world can we use to complement a forty piece orchestra? Latif's method of throwing in the most absurd and off the wall ideas, pushed the brainstorming phone session between he and Ovidio into the wee hours, until both men decided to call it a night and continue the next day.

Latif says "If you go to sleep with a problem on your mind, you'll wake up with the solution." The difference with Latif is, once he finds the solution, he can't go back to sleep. By 3am He was up researching the net for a company that specializes in Laser Light productions.

After doing a thorough search and consulting with at least a dozen companies, he came across one out of Los Angeles California called DayStar and quickly bonded with one of their reps.

The beauty was not just the fact that they were among the top in their field, but better yet, they were pretty knowledgable of the Freestyle industry. Latif says that when you have limited resources, that it's important to find people who are as passionate about a project as you are.

So, DayStar was contracted with a price tag just as sophisticated as the show they promise to create. Latif is currently designing the presentation along with one of their execs, Jon Robertson, and I'll tell you this, it is going to be unlike anything else you've ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious if there are any plans of televising this HISTORIC event?

Those asking about voting should click on the "VOTE NOW" link and enter names of artists you would like to see win an award.

Good Luck to all!